• What is Counseling
    What is Counseling

    Counseling is simply the process of working 1-on-1 with a licensed provider.  The goal of counseling is for you to benefit, and make positive changes towards your wellness goals.  Contrary to popular belief, counseling does not have to be long-term.  Assessment of your individual needs helps to determine the duration of your treatment.

  • Your Appointment
    Your Appointment

    You may call the office or send an email to request an appointment for yourself.  If under 18, you will need consent from a parent or legal guardian.  Plan to arrive early for your first appointment in order to complete necessary paperwork.  Please note that the fee for your first appointment will be slightly higher.  See "services" tab for more details.

  • The Intake Process
    The Intake Process

    Intake is a time to gather information that will inform your treatment.  The process will take approximately 1 hr, and will explore past treatment, reason(s) for seeking treatment, employment, education, family history and current symptoms.  We will work together to establish preliminary treatment goals and/or next steps, as appropriate. 

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Branch and Vines offers integrative treatment for teens and adults (ages 14+), utilizing methods that are specific to the client's unique needs.  The focus is on listening and "talk therapy", which allows you to take an active role in your personal wellness.  All treatment services are provided in a non-judgmental and supportive setting.

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"The key to wellness begins with connection" ~TNO

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