Wellness and Education Groups for Teens

Facilitation is available for agency, organization, church and youth groups, ages 14-18.

  • 1 hr
  • $100-$250/hr
  • Facilitated at Booking Location

Service Description

WELLNESS GROUPS FOR TEENS (Group rates listed below) $250/hr -Anger Management for Teen Boys- (Ages 14-18) This group is designed to help teen boys discover new ways to approach anger, and to develop skill sets to express themselves constructively. Teens will explore the anatomy of anger, including their anger patterns, triggers and destructive behavior. The ultimate goal is for them to understand their anger better in order to find communication and self-regulation strategies that work best for them. Processing is an important part of the intervention and groups will incorporate open discussion as well as written reflection. Groups are offered in the following formats: 

 Option A 8 week session- Group offered 1 day a week for 2 hours 

 Option B 16 week session- Group offered 1 day a week for 1 hour 

 *Recommended group size, no more than 10 participants* 

 *If you are interested in one-on-one Anger Management sessions, the above noted fee will be adjusted. Please inquire for details.* 

 -Building Resiliency for Teens- (Ages 14-18) The ability to cope is a fundamental life skill that contributes to increased well-being and level of function. Teens face many challenges related to stress and other imbalances that can effect their outlook on life, influence patterns of thought in a negative way, and stunt their mental, emotional and psychological growth. This group is designed to help teens manage life pressures and challenges, and to develop skills to maintain balance and hope. Resiliency groups will cover 5 topics, and each topic will be presented in 4 one hour sessions. For example: 

Topic #1 will include a, b, c, and d at $250/hr.

 #1- Exploring Hope and Assessing Optimism 

 #2- The Concept of Control: Who's in charge 

 #3- Who Am I: Exploring Sense of Self 

 #4- Bounce Back Resilience 

 #5- Dealing with Change 

 *If you are interested in one-on-one Building Resiliency sessions, the above noted fee will be adjusted. Please inquire for details.


 $100/hr -Preparing for College- Expectations, Knowing Yourself, Financial Considerations and Goal Setting (1 hour session)

 -Using Your Personality Type to Select a Major- Discover your interests by assessing your interests (2 hour session) 

 -Navigating the 1st Year of College- Dorm Life, Advising, Getting Involved, Exploring Options, Staying on Track and Accessing Services (1 hour session)

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